StrategyDB is the industry leader in multi-asset class quantitative technical analysis.

How much profit or loss is your technical analysis focused indicator or strategy generating? Unsure? StrategyDB can help!

Trading Intelligence!

StrategyDB is a trading strategy database for traders and investment professionals. The database warehouses hypothetical trading strategy performance summaries (better known as back-tests), and contains everything required to turn research into profit. Easy access to analytics saves time and money. Quickly filter, search, sort, and export information as required.    

"StrategyDB differentiates itself from other single symbol or portfolio level back-test software on the market by offering an Internet based platform where there's nothing to learn, and nothing to download. Also, we are trading platform independent. Everything's already prepared. Multi-asset class symbol comparisons are made simple. But, the biggest difference between StrategyDB and other offerings is the fact that we also provide updates to the database in real-time." 

- Matthew Goss Cimmino, Founder of StrategyDB.

So how does a real-time back-test work? Whenever a trading strategy that is being monitored generates a new trade, the database automatically updates with fresh performance summary information as well. StrategyDB also has the power to provide strategy alerts for new trades as they arrive. A minimum of 15K+ summaries are usually available, all on one integrated platform for Forex, Futures, and Stocks!

Traders & Investors

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