StrategyDB is a professional analytics platform for financial market analysts, traders, and investors.

Make faster, better trading decisions with easy, powerful, and intelligent tools to explore performance data and discover insights.  “Prediction is very difficult – especially if it is about the future.” --Niels Bohr 

StrategyDB Platform


Historic, delayed, and real-time market data, for Forex, Futures, and Stocks from around the world for 23 technical strategies, on various bar intervals are back-tested with various look-back lengths, and the answers are stored. More



This app offers a powerful UI displaying directional trading signals for the 23 strategies. Strategy Matrix uses the data stored in Performance Matrix to rank strategies. Qualified signals arrive and rankings are displayed in the heat map. More



Working in unison with Performance Matrix and Strategy Matrix, Strategy Alert provides a constant flow of information, showing users the exact orders for 23 strategies across all exchange, symbol and bar interval combinations. More