Real-time Actionable Global Trading Analytics

StrategyDB provides a comprehensive suite of online decision support applications for traders and investment professionals, along with customized consulting services; trading intelligence for three asset classes, Forex, Futures, and Stocks.

If you've ever wanted to search for quantitative technical strategy information, now you can. StrategyDB removes the need for expensive analytics software by providing you with actionable analytics that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. Clients are able to access our data, both end of day and real-time, and save desired templates for research, monitoring, alerting, exporting and more. With StrategyDB's powerful analytics, clients become quantitative analysts with the click of a mouse button, regardless of trading experience or know-how. Clients may unleash hidden profit potentials that resides within their trading platform strategy libraries. LEARN MORE   

StrategyDB's focus is to bring forth key analytics and decision support tools that the entire trading and professional investment community can use, and profit from." - Founder and CEO Matthew Goss Cimmino