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StrategyDB offers technical strategy performance evaluation, real-time monitoring and decision support tools for traders and investors. Our portfolio of solutions are affordable, do not require any learning curve, and offers clients the chance to sift through mountains of data with ease, driving profits.

The StrategyDB Platform has been created with the technical analysis focused trader and investor in mind, but, it also includes quantitative parts as well, blending the two.

"Everyone is an expert when it comes to the obvious, but we're obviously the expert everyone turns to for trading strategy expertise!" Founder & CEO Matt Goss


What We Do - Analytics

We offer a comprehensive suite of online decision support applications for traders and investment professionals; cloud based, big data, quantitative analysis for technical strategies. We also offer platform specific products and financial technology consulting services. Customers use StrategyDB's solutions to run their trading processes, manage their trading information and be more productive while at their trading desk, office, or on the go, without having to worry about expensive or outdated hardware or software. 

The StrategyDB Platform - 

  • StrategyDB works with multi-asset class market data - Forex, Futures, and Stocks from around the Globe!
  • StrategyDB accurately back-tests multiple trading strategies on multiple intra-day and End-of-day bar intervals in real-time!
  • StrategyDB quantitatively measures various technical strategy's likelihood of success with powerful strategy performance metrics
  • StrategyDB monitors, reports, and alerts, in real-time, customized & personalized portfolios
  • StrategyDB verifies that the technical analysis approach / trading strategy may be robust enough to be used for trading / investing - for purer trading vision!
  • For the non-programmer - we'll build your strategy with our development team.  


As a trader on the street, what if you had a trading tool thatallows you to save time and doesn't involve expensive software or hardwareto run? How about software that reduces the learning curve? It's possiblewith Performance Matrix, a trading strategy tool createdby StrategyDB, for use on any asset class symbol, from Forex to futures tostocks.


Company founder, Matthew Goss Cimmino,says Performance Matrix was created to provide tradersand investment professionals with a new ability to search for technicalstrategies that stand out. Its design is rather complex yet simple at the sametime. For example, with a few clicks traders can find profitable tradingstrategies in a matter of seconds. Plus, this powerful trading tool, whichhas large amounts of data, can still simplify workflow and informationtransfer to traders and their financial institutions. 


Performance Matrix is actually just one of four onlineapplications of the StrategyDB solution suite, which alsoincludes Strategy Matrix, Strategy Alerts and Strategy Warehouse. However,as the flagship product, Performance Matrix was designed to allow traders tothink outside the in-house execution algorithm ‘box’. Cimmino explainswhy that’s important.


“One of the first goals, when creating PerformanceMatrix was to create a product that saves traders hundreds of man-hours inback-testing trading strategies, while allowing them to make smarter tradingdecisions.”  That means a trader can now get a quick statistical look atthe hypothetical trading results of commonly used technical trading strategies,like Moving Averages, MACD, Parabolic and Stochastic and others. Althoughthese are all simple plain vanilla strategies and not execution algorithms,like VWAP or TWAP, our products, particularly Performance Matrix,shine a light on signals that can aid in execution, alpha generation.Performance Matrix can even be used as a pre-trade analytics tool.”


Cimmino also points out that end users may feel that thisis not enough power, but the sheer volume of records and open source code areenough to show potentially profitable stand-alone strategies. Theyalso offer excellent starting points for those with the ability to programfurther, either on their own trading platforms, or in TradeStation (wherethey can match our results). They can use the information they uncover to dosome further examination. In addition, they can confidently set trade alertsbased on the program’s filtered results and integrate it into their workflow.


StrategyDB is so certain Performance Matrix goesabove and beyond any current solutions on the market they are now offeringinstitutions a no-cost trial for this app. Traders or firms can find out forthemselves the potential it has by visiting the   Contact  page andrequesting a demo.

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